Rustic Shower Ideas: Ways to Add Rustic Flair to Your Bathroom

you look for rustic shower ideas, you want to create rustic homey feel décor or you are already living in rustic.

we will help you with some idea Ways to Add Rustic Flair to Your Bathroom.

you can use different materials such as galvanized metal, rough stone, Reclaimed wood and cast iron.

These less polished materials add an immediate sense of rustic character especially true in a bathroom.

you can also use other subtle elements to make a big impact.

rustic shower ideas

Many housekeepers are afraid of rustic flair, we know it is unusual to add other elements with gleaming tile.

but adding an antique orchard ladder or a barn wood single shelf used as a towel rack will be amazing.

On the other hand, you can use bigger design elements to bring in rustic flair.

as well; making a historic cottage and a mountain getaway depends on decorative beams, heavy wrought-iron hardware or  a reclaimed wood accent wall, it is one of the perfect rustic shower ideas

Just Keep elements light and bright, so you can use a light whitewash on reclaimed wood and vanity mirror because it reflects more light.

rustic shower ideas with Concrete Sinks and Barn Door.

This one of rustic shower ideas is perfect for a lodge-style home or cabin.

In this design, we can paint the wall with a warm, creamy to avoid the feeling that the bathroom is like a dungeon.

In this style, we use the stained wood plank floors in dark colors in addition to the wood on the ceiling and wood cabinets. We like a feeling that is natural, yet luxurious so we use sliding barn doors decorated with fabric panels, stone sinks, and farmhouse-style fixtures.

Open Shelving made of Barn Wood.

Open Barn Wood Shelving will add additional storage and you can access it easily.

To build little shelves you can use Recycled and weathered pallets and also crate wood, you can use this shelf to store towels and toiletries. This is one of the perfect rustic shower ideas to decorate your dull bathroom and add a touch of rustic charm into your bathroom.

Cottage Bath.

Cottage Bath with Painted Shiplap and Vintage Hardware is one of the fantastic rustic shower ideas, also it will help you keep the colors fresh and can put a wooden table into the base of a sink, it will make the room inviting and very open.

you can paint it a light powdery blue if you prefer the fresh look.

Stone Lodge Bathroom

This design Featuring a Camo-edged Mirror and uses the natural color of the stone and wood.

This design combines some different materials to produce farmhouse-style fixtures.

on the lower two-thirds of the walls of this design, we can use wood planks and stonework in the tiled floors.

 Wood Mirror Frame

Sometimes we see ideas outside the home but it will be amazing if it is used indoors, like the Pallet Wood Mirror Frame with Storage. The mirror Frame is weathered lumber, it looks like a window with a traditional. The Mirror box is a great place where you can store perfumes and some other items to get it quickly before leaving the bathroom.
Also, it provides more storage.

there are many rustic shower ideas like:

  • Slate Mosaic Accent Wall
  • Converted Whiskey Barrel Sink
  • Mason Jar Light Fixtures
  • Reclaimed Cornice Shelving
  • Rough Beam Cornice Box for Shower Curtains
  • Vintage Bathroom Wallpaper

we will display many ideas in the next articles, please write comments with the idea that you like more.